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Join Amy Adams, Jamberry Independent Consultant

Order the Style Essentials Starter Kit in August and earn this exclusive gift!




Jamberry Nails began with a simple idea of helping women everywhere find a new way to express themselves. It grew into the easiest way to get noticed and complimented all day long. Jamberry Nail Wraps are easy to sell and you'll be doing your own self-marketing. Wear the Jamberry Nail Wraps and people naturally are going to want to know, "Where did you get your nails done?" Then BAM! That's when you share what you do. You can sell this anywhere (family, friends, co-workers etc) and the sky's the limit. Believe in yourself that you'll succeed...and you will! (Especially with support from Jamberry Home Office and our team).

You'll have the fun and flexibility of working for yourself and earning extra income selling one of the hottest new products. If you've already been wearing Jamberry Nail Wraps, you know they are extremely contagious. You'll find people naturally interested in purchasing the nail wraps for themselves, making selling them that much easy!




How Much Can I Expect to Earn?


How much can I earn as a Jamberry Consultant?

The commission base is ALWAYS 30%, no matter what your rank is and no matter how many customers you have, and you have the ability to earn up to 40%. Your personal commission is paid out based on your Personal Retail Volume (PRV), which works out to 15.00 per sheet. 

You will also be given the opportunity to sponsor new Consultants and build a team. If you decide to build a team, you can earn sponsorship commissions and as well as group bonuses for reaching monthly sales goals. Jamberry Nails offers up to 19% sponsorship commissions, which is one of the highest in the industry.





Aside from your personal sales commissions and sponsorship commissions, you also get the chance to earn up to 5% volume bonus, depending on your level of leadership. By reaching personal and group monthly sales goals, you can earn bonuses and recognition from the company. Jamberry Nails offers a very attractive but realistic and attainable compensation plan for those who are interested in starting their own business. With my help as your Sponsor, I’ll guide and assist you in whatever sales and team goals you have.




Full Training and Support:

When choosing a direct sales company to join, you need to take the first step—finding a sponsor. My main goal is to adhere to Jamberry Nails' mission and help women feel beautiful and achieve financial freedom.  I'm committed to help you rise to the top and achieve your financial goals and aspirations.

You’ll have your own personal cheerleader. When you achieve, we all achieve and when you need a “pick me up” we all are here to do just that. You will not be left alone or in this business by yourself, no matter how well you’re doing. Commitment is what you should expect and what you’ll receive. No more feeling like your just another number or forgotten in the mist. It’s time to be part of a team where YOU matter!

Assistance in achieving your goals. Whether it’s reaching a certain rank, increase sales, personal development etc. you’ll be given assistance and a plan of action to strive to achieve them. Everyone needs to have a “why.” Why are you doing this business? Why do you want to succeed? It can be because you’re in debt, you want to support your children, inspire other women, be a part of a movement, go to college or just to make more money. When that’s established, you’ll have a clear understanding on what you want to strive for.

Exclusive training. Once you become a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, you’ll automatically receive training from the corporation. However, as a team member on my team, the training and help doesn’t end there. You’ll receive additional training and marketing tips in social media, article marketing, direct marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, relationship building and so much more. Those are just some examples that my team members will get access to for FREE. You’ll learn exactly what I do to have a successful Jamberry Nails business so you can do the same.

Whether you like doing actual home parties and events or just want to strictly do your business online, you will be coached and assisted the whole entire way. Many people think you need to spend hundreds on advertising, ads, systems and ebooks, when really you can achieve great success by doing FREE methods and keeping it simple!

  • Marketing Guides
  • Weekly Team Newsletters
  • Conference Calls

Exclusive access. You’ll get exclusive access to our team’s Facebook Group . All these are just tools, tips and strategies to get your business going and making money fast! You may not need all the support but its here for you to take advantage, no matter if you’re new to  sales or a seasoned veteran. Now for some of you, all this support may seem a lot and you don't know where to start. Think of it this way... Would you rather know you have many support channels compared to no support at all? The number one reason that Consultants leave a company is lack of support from their Sponsor. I can assure you, that won't happen with me and my team. I’m committed to YOU and your success because when you succeed, I succeed. But you have to let me know what you need in order for me to help you and be coachable to the support that’s offered.


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What is Jamberry??

Jamberry Nails is your one stop shop for hand and nail care. Our company prides itself on delivering the latest fashion trends and provides you style at your fingertips. All of our products are non-toxic, gluten free and vegan friendly. 

Get your own unique, professional nail design and say “goodbye!” to nail polish. With today’s hottest celebrities already wearing unique nail designs, it’s quickly becoming a fashion “must have.” 


Jamberry Nail Shields are a fun alternative to nail polish and is one the hottest trends in celebrity fashion. Jamberry Nail Shields are a super thin, heat-activated, vinyl film covering that can be applied directly to the finger or toe nail to achieve a salon professional look. The adhesive and shiny top coat are built in to the wraps so that there are no extra steps for a fabulous application. There is no drying, no chipping, no smudging, no chemicals, and no damage to the natural nail! They are affordable, easy to apply, long lasting, and can be done in the convenience of your own home. There are currently over 350 wrap designs to choose from so you can really let your personally shine! Current Special ~ Buy 3, get 1 FREE plus free shipping on orders over $150!

Q. How much does it cost to get started?

A. $99 plus tax and shipping for the Starter Kit.

A great way to help with the cost of the starter kit is to host a party before you sign up. If the party reaches $250 in sales, you get a credit of $25 toward your starter kit! If it reaches $350, you get $50 credit! 



Q. How much do I have to sell to stay active?

A. You need to sell $600 PRV (Personal Retail Volume) every 12 months. Since one dollar equals one PRV point, this is $600, or an average of $50 in sales a month. This is a combination of anything you buy retail for personal use and anything you sell to your customers. I personally use $50 a month, so this is a very easy requirement.



Q. How much money can I make?

A. We are paid 30%+ commission on our personal sales and also receive weekly commissions as well as a bonus check on the 10th of each month. The more you sell the more commission you get, all the way up to 40%. 



Q. Do I have to buy a lot of inventory and keep it stocked to do parties?

A. No. You can if you want but you don’t have to. You order the products from Jamberry when customers order from you.



Q. What costs can I anticipate in addition to my start-up kit?

A. After the first 90 days, you will have a monthly $10 fee for your website.



Q. Do I have to recruit or grow a downline?

A. That is completely up to you! You can be completely successful as a Jamberry consultant without a team under you, however, should you decide to build a team, and you will earn a percentage off of your team’s sales. There are additional qualifications you need to meet each month in your own business to be Downline Commission Qualified. You can earn generous commissions and bonuses from team sales. See the Career Path chart for details.



Q. Is there training available?

A. Absolutely. I will train you personally! I can and will train you to be successful in your business. Whether you live close by or across the country, I will do everything I can to help you reach your personal goals. My team is about supporting each other to succeed! I also have a Private Facebook team page for trainings, ideas, questions and meeting other reps! You have 100% of my support. Also, there are a ton of training materials in your personal workstation, plus lots of support and training through e-mails, newsletters, training calls, Facebook groups and more