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Jamberry Nails Party

Want FREE and Discounted Jamberry Nail Wraps? 


If you haven't heard of Jamberry Nails, then a Jamberry Nails Party is the perfect way to experience the product! At a Jamberry Nails Party you will be able to see the application process first hand and try it out yourself along with your guests. Hosting a party is not only simple and fun, but a great way for you to earn FREE Jamberry Nail Wraps. This is an awesome way to introduce Jamberry Nails to your family, friends, best friends, co-workers etc. Great for baby showers, diva parties, birthday parties, princess parties, girl's night out etc.! 

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How it Works:

  1. Schedule a Jamberry Nails Party by contacting me.
  2. I will collaborate with you in the planning and preparing for a great party that works with your schedule.
  3. You'll be provided a link to send your guests to buy products. I will provide catalogs, literature, brochures etc. for your guests if needed.
  4. I will work with you to devise up a plan to ensure you earn the most rewards and have a successful party.
  5. Earn Hostess rewards from the sales of your party, which includes discounted and FREE Jamberry Nail Wraps!

Want another simplier way to have a Jamberry Nails Party? Have a "Catalog-On-The-Go!" or "Online" party through Facebook! I will provide you with catalogs, flyers etc. to show your friends, family, co-workers with a link for them to go to and purchase from your party. 

 Schedule your Party now!

You can have the peace of mind knowing there are many options for you to earn discounted and FREE Jamberry Nails Wraps. Contact me today and get started with a Jamberry Nails Party!

So What Do You Get?


Printable Documents For Hostesses:

Information for the Host


Schedule your Party now!

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