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Jamberry Nails FAQ

Questions About Nail Wraps?


What are nail wraps?
Nail wraps are like nail polish, you apply them like nail polish as it "wraps" your nails. Nail wraps are great for your nails as they won't break, so you can grow them out long and beautiful. They are not stickers. Learn more about Jamberry Nail Wraps HERE

How many comes on a sheet?
There are 18 nail wraps on a sheet, 2 of each size which can be cut in half to make 4 of each size. You can do 2 sets of fingers and 1 set of toes from 1 sheet. They last about 2 weeks on your fingers and an average of 6 to 8 weeks on your toes. This is enough to do 2-3 manicures or pedicures.

Aren't these similar to Minx® nails?
Minx® nails are only offered at salons costing about $20-30. Now you can get unique nail fashions using Jamberry Nails Wraps without having to make a trip to the salon and more importantly, paying a higher cost.

What about Blixz® how do they compare?
They too are only offered at nail salons and also quite spendy.

How many designs do you have?
We have 300+ different designs and always coming out with more. Categories ranging from: black and white, fun in the sun, jamberry bling, fall/holiday designs, pretty polkas, school girl, seasonal, solids, sophistication, bridal party, the wild side etc. 

How do I apply them?
Learn how HERE.


General Questions:                              

I just placed an order, when will I get it?
When you place your order, please allow 6-10 business days for your order to arrive.

I want to give Jamberry Nail Wraps as a gift. How do I do that?
You can purchase Jamberry Nails Gift Certificates in increments of $15. Perfect for a holiday, birthday, bridal, baby shower or any occasion! Also, great for the picky woman who you’re not sure what type of nail shield to get... So give her a gift certificate instead for her to choose! 

Are there any special deals going on?
For a Limited Time Only:  



I'm interested in joining your team and becoming a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. How do I go about doing that?
You can Join Jamberry Nails Here.

I want a FREE catalog, can I get one?
Sure! Contact me today and I'll mail you one, otherwise you can view it on my website.


Interested in Joining My Team?     

I don't have time to do host parties, is there any way I can just do this business online?
Yes. With social media outlets including Facebook , forums, free ad postings etc. you can definitely do your business strictly online. When you join my team, you'll be provided tips and suggestions on marketing your business online that will help you create an internet presence attracting customers and your own team members.

I don't have $99 to start my Jamberry Nails business, is there anyway I can still become an Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant? 
Yes. Contact me today to learn how you can get $25 or even $50 off your start-up cost (Consultant Kit). It's worth taking advantage of the 50% of your start-up kit if your truly interested in working from home and changing your financial situation. 

Do I get a website?
Yes. You'll get a replicated website as soon as you join. So immediately you can start taking orders and have access to your workstation. When you sign up as a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant you receive a FREE threeÔÇÉmonth Jamberry Nails personal website subscription to facilitate the easiest online buying experience for your customers. This FREE subscription expires three months from your date of enrollment. Beyond this, your subscription can be continued for a $10 monthly fee.

What are the requirements in order to stay active?
SIMPLE! Only $600.00 In sales per YEAR! 

How and when do I get paid?
Every month on the 10th via a Jamberry Nails Pay Card.

I'm a guy, can I do this?
Yes, of course! When people think of beauty and in this case, nail wraps, we tend to ignore men all together. Well this business is created equal and anyone can join. A lot of men see the income possibility and business side of Jamberry Nails and want to take advantage of this new untapped market.

I have an Avon, Scentsy, Beachbody, Herbalife etc business, can I do this too?
Sure. Jamberry Nails is a great addition to your current home-business and very easy to sell.

What do you mean when you say you’re a "walking market?"
Basically that means, when you wear Jamberry Nails, people will automatically look at your hands and want to know "who did it?" Our hands are FREE marketing tools to get our business out there. When someone asks about your nails, all you do is share Jamberry Nails and it takes off from there.

I really want to take my business to the next level, what about marketing to salons?
Yes, that's a great idea! When you join my team, you'll be provided with tips and suggestions on marketing to salons, nail techs, beauticians etc for FREE. They are perfect to market to since they are already familiar with nail products.

What about offline training?
Other than the training you'll already receive, you be provided training and tips on marketing your business offline which can include postcard marketing, ads, bandit signs, car signs, etc. All ways which can help your business grow.~ I give 24 hour team page passes..~ Just ask..You can have a Sneel PEEK to my team page! 

I'm broke and don't have money to be paying for autoships
Luckily, you won't run into that problem with Jamberry Nails. We don't require autoships, it's a one-time purchase of your start-up kit (Consultant Kit) and that's it.


I'm really bad at recruiting, in fact I hate it. How can I build my business?
Well, we don't recommend "selling" Jamberry Nails but we do recommend "sharing." Once people see you wearing the nail wraps, it's very likely they'll ask you about them or 'where did you get them done!" Then that's when you can share Jamberry Nails. They can share the products too and even become a host. But better yet, tell them that they can earn an income by sharing Jamberry Nails, just like you’re doing! This is not a high-pressured business. It's more family-like, less stressful and you're just connecting with others who want to stay in trend, look good and make some money as well.

I need someone to hold my hand as I've never had a home-based business before
That's perfectly fine. Stay plugged in with the team calls, training, tips, suggestions and be coachable! You'll be given all the tools you need to be successful but it'll come down to you making it happen!

I have more questions
Great! Get your questions answered by going to the "Contact" page.




If you’re a Jamberry regular, you know this already, but if you’re new to the Jamberry world, you are probably wondering how much Jamberry nail wraps cost, and what they are worth to you.

The Basics: How Much Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Cost?

  Jamberry Nail Wraps are very affordable, because you can get a whole sheet for only $15.


What comes in a full sheet?  Well, enough to do your fingers and toes, TWICE.  Its enough wraps two manicures, and two pedicures, on average, per sheet, which is around $4/application.  Plus, you’ll have some accent nails leftover, which is always fun.

Are There Any Jamberry Discounts?

YES!  If you purchase 3 sheets, you get the 4th for free!  That’s 16 applications (8 manicures and 8 pedicures) for $45, which is probably what you’d pay if you went to the salon and asked for a mani/pedi.


And don’t forget, they last up to 2 weeks.  Have you ever had a salon manicure do that? …didn’t think so.

Tempting, but I’m on a Budget…

That’s ok, my frugal friend! Host a Facebook Party! 

Facebook Party?  What’s that?

First, you and I become Facebook friends   I’ll create a Facebook group, and post about Jamberry for a week.  You invite your Facebook friends, and take 10 minutes each day to comment, to like posts, and tag your friends to help them engage with the material.

When they buy the product (which they usually do), YOU Earn FREE NAIL WRAPS.

Free Nail Wraps??

Yep!  Those are called your Hostess Rewards,  It’s pretty easy to earn that first free sheet, and for very successful parties, you can walk away with a lot of FREE JAMS! 

This is a fun, low-time commitment way to earn lots of FREE Jamberry.  Contact me (Lisatoday @ wraps2you@aol.com and let me know you’d like to Start your Jamberry Nails Facebook Party!  


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