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How Jamberry Nail Wraps Work


Do I have to use a hair dryer to apply the nail wraps?
You must use a heat source when applying the nail wraps. We recommend using the Jamberry Nails Heater.


Do I get instructions?
Yes. The instructions are extremely easy to follow and after a quick read-through you could be up and running with these in no time.

Do I have to be certified to apply the nail wraps?
No. Anyone can apply Jamberry Nails Wraps! Unlike many competitors, Jamberry Nails does not require you to be a professional stylist, esthetician, cosmetologist, have a beauty degree, own a salon, go to beauty school etc. This makes it prefect for anybody to have access to the latest trend in fashion without paying an "arm and a leg" for quality nail art!

If they start to lift and have only been on for a few days can I re-heat with the hair dryer to seal them back down?
If they start to peel after being on for only a few days they may not have been applied correctly. Correct application will ensure a longer lasting nail shield. We wouldn't recommend re-heating them on the nail, but rather would suggest removing the nail wrap and applying a new one.

How do I remove the nail wraps?
You break the seal by getting under the edge with your fingernail. Then you peel them off. We recommend using the Jamberry Nails Heater to ease the removal.

Will Jamberry nail wraps leave a residue or ruin my nail?

What if my nail is too big or too small for the nail wrap?
If your nail is too small, you can easily trim the nail wrap with nail scissors for a better fit. If your nail is too big, try stretching the nail wrap after it’s been warmed with the hair dryer to fit your nail. When warm, the nail wrap will be pliable.

Can I go swimming wearing the nail wraps?
Yes. The adhesive on the nail wraps are pressure and heat sensitive and create a waterproof seal if they are applied correctly.

What do you mean by “correct application?"

  • Applying the nail wrap to a clean dry nail free of nail polish.
  • Using enough heat.
  • Using enough pressure.
  • Making sure the nail wrap is solely on the nail bed and not the cuticle or skin.
  • Making sure the edges of the nail wrap are sealed to the nail.


How to Apply Jamberry Nail Wraps (Spanish Version):

Jamberry Nail Wraps estan disenadas para ser aplicadas facilmente en un salon o en casa.paso 

1: Limpia tus unas con acetona o alcohol. paso

2: corta tu una al tamano y forma que gustes..paso

3: empuja la cuticula y pule la una de arribapaso

4: escoje el tamano adecuado para tus dedos paso

5: despega el esticker y calientalo con una secadora por 10-15 segundos o hasta que este suave.paso

6: cuando este caliente, apriete el esticker a su una. apriete firmemente para que quede bien aderido.paso

7: corte cualquier exceso con tijeras y despues lime el exeso con movimientos hacia abajo.paso

8: vuelva a aplicar calor con la secadora repitalo varias veces. paso opcional

9: para los que son muy activos puede agregar resina para mejor adeherencia.

PARA REMOVER: simplemente aplica calor por 15 segundos y despegue poco a poco.






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