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What are Jamberry Nails? What are Jamberry Nail Shields?

Written by: Lisa Eriksson


Jamberry Nails, one of the newest direct sales companies that's being launched nationally in 2012. Jamberry Nails was founded by three sisters who decided there had to be an easier, more cost effective and longer-lasting way to accessorize their nails. The sisters began to brainstorm different ideas for a nail covering that could be applied at home and would allow for intricate details in the design, without the mess and fuss of fingernail polish.

Jamberry Nails introduces an innovative and fashionable product base to the direct sales market -- Nail Shields! Nail shields are the hottest new trend seen by many celebrities. Jamberry Nails offers high-end and up-to-date nail art designs that are easy to apply. These nail shields come in the form of stick-on nail art (they are not stickers) and has over 100 different designs and colors you can choose from. Jamberry Nail Shields come in sheets of 18 nail shields (similar companies only offer 16 nail shields) for every design to fit each fingernail and toenail. The application process typically only takes about 20 minutes and requires a sheet of nail shields, a hairdryer, and a nail file. The shields are exposed to hot air from a hair dryer until they become pliable, after which they can easily be applied to the nail with a combination of heat and pressure. Jamberry Nail Shields are chip resistant and can last for 2 weeks on fingernails and 6-8 weeks on toenails.nails45

Jamberry Nails is the alternative to nail polish. With their nail shields, you’ll eliminate drying time, chipping, smudging, chemical and fumes odor, nail polish and stains, no one-time use like similar imitators and more importantly, they are affordable and can be done at the convenience of your own home. As stated by the founders, “Jamberry Nails allows us an opportunity to creatively express ourselves. Jamberry Nails embodies everything we love about fashion, affordability, fun and being together.”

Keeping up with the hottest trend, Jamberry Nails offers a simpler, more affordable way to get fashionable nails in just a few minutes, eliminating the need to have to go to the salon for a manicure and pedicure. Jamberry Nails are enjoyed by many including busy mothers, teens, children, nail techs, salon owners, beauticians, cosmetologists, fashionistas and trend-setters. Our nail shields will give you that high-end salon look with many different looks you can achieve by mixing and matching.

The new direct sales company offers Jamberry Independent Consultants the opportunity to earn an income from working from home and/or offline earning commissions off of direct sales as well as team members who you sponsor.  Love beauty and making money? Put those two together and take advantage of the business opportunity. As a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, you have the opportunity to be in at the beginning of a business that has burst onto the fashion scene and continues to build momentum.

I love how Jamberry Nails keeps up with the latest celebrity trend. My friends and I are always following celebrity fashion and trend-setters and to know that I’m a part of a company that’s hip, trendy and in the “now” is pretty amazing to me. Plus I can make money while having fun is even more awesome. This business is a no-brainer; all women should really take advantage of this opportunity.

Aside from the innovative product base and competitive compensation plan, Jamberry Nails is also pleased to announce its party-plan system offered to interested hostesses. Anyone who wants to host a Jamberry Nails Party can do so by contacting me. This is not your typical direct sales “home party” as you can host an online Nail Party (or in your home, for instance) and still reap hostess rewards—including discounted and FREE Jamberry Nails Shields.

Interested people who want to make extra money or start a new career can contact me and get started for $99. The Jamberry Nails Consultant Kit comes with a replicated free website for three months, a sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields, 3 FREE credits of Jamberry Nail Shields, a hair dryer, nail files, consultant guide, catalogs, brochures, business cards, order forms, and other business tools. There are always incentives going on to discount your Consultant Kit, so stay in touch with me to learn how you may be able to get started with your new Jamberry Nails business for less.

In summary, Jamberry Nails is an awesome business opportunity! The founders of Jamberry Nails launched the company in a direct sales setup primarily to give women the opportunity to start their own direct sales business, offering products that every woman would enjoy. Having families of their own, the Jamberry sisters wanted to introduce a venue for women to earn money while being given freedom over their schedule. 


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