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Jamberry Nails Training II

Written by: Lisa Eriksson


You're probably excited and nervous at the same time thinking... Now what? Well, be at ease because you can get started right away. How?

  • Your Jamberry Nails Consultant Kit takes 6 to 10 business days to arrive but...
  • You can still share your website (which you get instantly when you sign up). You can tell your family and friends your website, talk abut Jamberry Nail Shields etc.
  • Have a Facebook Launch Event. It's fairly simple to create and you can invite all your Facebook friends. Make sure to tell them to invite their friends too. Include pictures of Jamberry Nail Shields, maybe even offer an incentive. Make sure to invite your Sponsor or have her help you. I've helped all my team members with their Facebook Launch Events by answering people's questions, adding pictures and making it interactive. 
  • Share! Share! Share! Many people (including myself) received orders even before our Kit arrived. Be proactive and get the ball rolling. Remember, it's your business but your Sponsor and team is here to help you. 
  • Make simple flyers to post or give out to people. Start with social media marketing which you'll learn from me (if you don't know how already). Of course, keep it simple at first but if you really want to jump-start your business there's many things you can do right away-- while you're waiting for your Consultant Kit. 
  • Make a plan of attack!! (that's what I like to call it). This includes ideas on how you want to operate your Jamberry Nail business. Every business no matter if it's a home-based business or a brick and mortar-- needs a plan. Make sure to review it with your Sponsor as again, she's there to help you. 

Those are just some ideas of what you can do when you first join and waiting for your Jamberry Nails Consultant Kit. By being proactive from day one and at least sharing your website-- you'll be creating exposure and get people interested in your business. Remember, no one has really heard of Jamberry Nails so educating them is going to be the key. You may not know all the answers but that's why you have your Sponsor there and your team's support.

What's better is the fact that you get exclusive access to my Team's Facebook Group which is filled with a bunch of helpful and supportive Consultants to help you! So, hopefully this will help you get started on the right track. You're not expected to know everything but just sharing is going to put you on a path of success.


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