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Say “Goodbye!” to frozen cookie dough, holiday wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions, and “Hello!”
to a revolutionary way to fund raise. This year, let style be at your supporter ’s fingertips with fashion forward
FUNdraising. With Jamberry Nails, your supporters will get their own unique, professional nail designs with
over 300 designs and coordinating school colors. Your supporters will say goodbye to nail polish, and hello to
today’s hottest trends.Jamberry Nails is salon quality nail décor that can be applied in just 15 minutes at home.

These designer nail wraps are made to last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on t oes. Unlike traditional nail polish, they won’t
chip and require no drying time. It’s so easy to achieve a professional salon look at a fraction of the cost!
We know schools and organizations are always looking for new ways to raise money. The bottom line is, the more
orders, the more profit. All this without any overhead and the ability to start collecting orders as soon as you spread the
word! Orders can be placed on-line and delivered directly to your customers. Be one of the first to host a Jamberry Nails


Are you a club, group, sports team, religious groups or any organization looking to raise funds?

Well, you've come to the right place because Jamberry Nail Shields is a perfect fundraiser for you!

Jamberry Nail Wraps --- "The Hottest Trend in Celebrity Fashion" is also the hottest new thing in fundraising. If your sick and tired of doing the same boring old fundraisers each year (candles, cookie dough, magazines), you should really consider letting Jamberry Nails take care of your fundraising goals for you! Just Contact me today and I can explain how easy it is to have a Jamberry Nails fundraiser for your organization.

Jamberry Nails fundraisers are a perfect way to earn extra cash for schools, women's shelters, gymnastic teams, youth sports, dance teams, day cares, community groups and organizations. Basically every organization that you can think of who could use a little extra help throughout the year. You may want to raise funds for an event, remodeling, scholarships, new uniforms etc. Whatever your needs are, Jamberry Nails is the fundraiser for you. 

I would be more then happy to assist you with your fundraiser and to ensure that all your needs are met. I’m sure you will find that we will do everything possible to make your fundraiser a stress free, fun and “jamtastic” success!

Types of Jamberry Nails Fundraisers:

Online Fundraiser - This is an easier way to fundraise for your organization. This consists of sending participants to my website to purchase Jamberry Nail Wraps. At checkout, there will be a link to click on your fundraiser—Which then the sales will go to your organization. 

Fairs and Special Events - You can have a fundraiser at your organization during a fair or special event by simply setting up a table with some catalogs and order forms. You just take orders from participants and at the end of the fair I will collect the order forms and get the products ordered for you.

Traditional Door to Door - One of the most popular form of fundraiser is the community fundraiser where members of your organization go out into the community and collect orders from family, friends and neighbors. After approximately 2 weeks of gathering orders, I will collect the order forms and get the products ordered.

Whatever type of fundraiser you're looking for, I'm here to help you!

What Makes Jamberry Nails a Great Fundraiser?

  • We are a brand new company with a NEW product that's fresh, trendy and hip.
  • We are unique and stand out from the rest.
  • Jamberry Nail Wraps are chemical free and safe for all ages--- including children.

Will I Have to Pay for Supplies?

I will provide all the materials needed such as, catalogs, order forms, envelopes and instructions. I will be available to help answer any questions or handle any issues that may arise. I will make sure that your fundraiser goes smooth and that the impact on you is extremely minimal.

How Soon Can I Start?

I can ship everything that's needed to have a successful fundraiser within a week. Contact me today to get started. 

What Will Your Organization Receive?


10% of total sales will go to your organization from Jamberry Nails PLUS an additional 25% from me personally. The fundraiser check will be made payable to your organization and not to an individual. Contact me today with any further questions that you may have. 


Contact Me Today to Get Started with a Jamberry Nails Fundraiser!