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My name is Lisa ErikssonJamberry Nails Elite Exectie 

Name  <~~~~~~~MY FAVORITE DESIGN!  item# A987 ICED! 
Jamberry Nails is a new company that offers the trendiest and most innovative “must have” product-- Jamberry Nail Wraps! Now you can achieve that same nail art design look without the fuss and hassle of nail polish. My website contains everything you need to know about Jamberry Nails, Jamberry Nail Wraps and the awesome business opportunity! I invite you all to take a look at Jamberry Nails and become a part of the new nail revolution. Jamberry Nail Wraps are perfect for busy moms, fashionistas, teens, divas, children, nail techs-- basically anyone!

My journey with Jamberry started in November of 2011.  With a single sample.  And I had to borrow the money to join.  I had know idea how those small steps would CHANGE MY LIFE!  
When I started, we were in big financial trouble.  Our house was in foreclosure.  We were sick and tired of being sick and tired of being broke!   I knew Jamberry could possibly be an answer, so I took a leap of faith.  And within 3 months I was earning enough money to save our home! 
In one year , I had a team of 2,182 and I was seeing potential I had never imagined!   
Some fun and amazing achievements...
* In 2012, I was blessed to be the number 2 recruiter in the company.  In 2013, I was number ONE!!
* I earned the incentive cruise  for myself and husband to the Caribbean based on sales and points in 2012!
* I was super proud and honored to achieve the highest consultant rank, Elite Executive in June 2014!
* In September 2014, my team and I accomplished the all time record high sales of over 4 million!
* I was one of just 12 consultants honored to receive a surprise home visit from the Jamberry founding sisters!  
* I now have a team of over 18.000!
I want to be clear to say that these accomplishments are not mine alone!  I have an AMAZING team with out them I'm nothing!
This AWESOME  team  is every state of the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the US Virgin Islands!  I have to thank every individual and ALL my outstanding leaders!  
Now my goal is to help my team achieve this kind of success, and to help as many people as I can find financial freedom like I have!  I personally know what it is like to struggle and how that burden affects our families.  If you have a will to change your situation, I want to help you find the WAY!  And the way is Jamberry!!  
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Lisa Eriksson 



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